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Many nations offer great opportunities for foreign migrants!

What makes someone a foreigner?

A foreigner is an alien, noncitizen, a nonresident of a country or territory. An immigrant is a person who comes from a foreign country and doesn’t owe allegiance to another country. However, A person can become a foreigner or immigrant for many different reasons bad or good. At the same time, a foreigner can benefit or lose a lot in a certain aspect of life.

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International Investments & Immigration Plans


We need you to come to invest in Africa. Even if you don’t want to travel and you need us to conduct a business deal or an investment plan or documentations on your behalf, We are the right people for you.

We offer guidance and support towards foreign business programs like:

Connecting to the Investment Exposures Beyond Borders!

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Investment Services

We can help you to put your money where you want it to grow fast by finding good benefiting investment providers reliable in any of African countries or any place where you can invest small and gain big. We can fix you in simple and fair policies where you can earn your fortune for less. Risk-free, no hassles.

Oil and gas Investment

Many African countries are now discovering more natural resources in terms of oil & Gas, Gold, diamond, copper and many others. These countries includes:- Uganda, Congo, Gabon, South Africa, Rwanda, Cameroon and many others. Becoming an investor offers excellent financial benefits.

Real estate and property brand investment.

Many citizens are willing to sale land for less. When it comes to invest in buying, selling, or renting real estate properties, you want the best estate agent for the job. Start your next chapter with our estate agents today.

Touring in major cities and wildlife areas

For unrivalled travel value & unforgettable, hassle-free holidays. We have the most fantastic range of holiday package deals for travelling to Africa and other destinations across the world.

Vehicle trade partnership & Deliveries.

Foreigners agents deals in auto-connect domestic and import car dealership in a global world. We connect you with experienced car retailers, traders and manufacturers. Quick and easy below-average prices.

Buy Yourself A Property Or Rent It

Real estate property as land and houses are still cheap in some countries especially Africa, yet the demand raise day night due to the rich minerals in terms of oil & gas founded recently.

The good news is that these countries welcome new investors and developers.

The land in these countries belongs to the people who have the rights and final say to sale.

We are an agent to initiate the buy and sale deal with citizens who’re willing to sale at reasonable prices. Moreover, we’re the middle men to commence the connection between buying & selling deals on your behalf.

We will talk to local elders and land owners for a sale of land, houses or real estates at a cheap price for you.

Most frequently asked questions by foreigners buying property in Africa

If you’re not in the country to sign the transfer or bond documents, all paperwork can be mailed to you.

Foreigner’s first-time visit in case you need to conduct property business by yourself. This is assuming you don’t come from one of the countries that do not require visas for visits less than 90 days. you’ll need to apply for a permit, depending on your country of origin, the purpose of your visit and how long you plan to stay.

Your deposit should be safely held in an interest-bearing conveyancing attorney or estate agent trust account where it will earn interest until the transfer of ownership goes through.

A copy of your country ID or both sides of an ID Card OR a foreigner passport.

Yes, getting approved for a mortgage can be quite simple with us, especially if you have rightful employment and provide us with proof of salary advice or a pay-slip for the latest six months.

We connect with a leading home loan comparison service that can smooth the way for foreigners interested in buying properties, land or real estate in the country. We can submit your home loan application to multiple banks, allowing you to compare deals and choose the package with the lowest interest rate.

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We have got a partnership with local and international employment network & database to help find employment that suits your need.

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Pay us some small fee

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Then sit back and wait for our job searching network to deliver the best job to you.


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